Business Growth

Speaker Profile

Helane Cohen

US OCP Partner to Partner (P2P) Program & Strategy Lead at Microsoft

Helane Cohen enables partners to build and expand their businesses by utilizing modern marketing techniques and joining forces with Microsoft and other partners. She manages a program to help partners understand and build out a P2P strategy to increase visibility for their solutions, drive revenue and solve customer business needs.

As Helane puts it, "Over the years I have learned that I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and mentoring of young woman and children to help develop them into the best humans they can be. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to express my love for creative thinking and the ability to constantly think outside of the boundaries. It has also allowed me to take on different types of roles throughout my career to learn and grow. As a mentor, I get to put in to practice my love of teaching & coaching and have the ability to have an impact on our future generations."

"As businesses continue to transform, I am excited to be able to be part of a team to help our Microsoft Partner channel digitally transform and expand their horizons with new business opportunities."