Product Scavenger Hunt

Product Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to the Winners of the Cloud Conventions 2021 Scavenger Hunt!

This hunt is now concluded but you may still see the customers around the site. They're just hanging around, feel free to click on them and learn about the services and products they represent!






Rahul Kunnath

12 Found - Completed May 12


Morgan Rose

12 Found - Completed May 13 by 4:49 pm


Lisa Vouk

12 Found - Completed May 13 by 7:58 pm

It's was on! 

Throughout the show we asked you to find 12 customers of products or services from our sponsors. Thank you for all those that participated!

Find each one and submit an entry when you do. The top 3 attendees that find the most will win* Amazon Gift Cards at the end of the show. 

Here are the customers to find:

* Must be a registered attendee to win, all others that submit entries will be disqualified. Find as many as you can and the attendee with the most 'customers' located first will win, minimum of three to qualify.