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Max Silber

Max Silber, Vice President of Mobility & IoT at MetTel

Max Silber is an international sales and business development executive with more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunications, mobility and IT industries. Currently, Max runs the mobility and IoT division at MetTel, a leading global provider of integrated digital communications solutions for enterprise customers.

MetTel provides forward-thinking control over a company’s phones and mobile devices with managed mobility solutions designed to reduce the IT burden and lower cost. MetTel provides all staging, kitting and procurement plus total mobile device management and better, wider coverage.

MetTel partners with the most trusted wireless carriers in the U.S. providing a reliable network to keep the mobile workforce connected. MetTel’s Deploy plan provides complete, end-to-end management of corporate phones, the Protect Program offers fully-managed protection and replacement for all corporate mobile devices and Mobile Control provides better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls.