Digital Transformation

Speaker Profile

George Leith

Chief Customer Officer and EVP of Sales for Vendasta

George Leith is the Chief Customer Officer and EVP of Sales for Vendasta, the leading end-to-end e-commerce platform. He leads a team of more than 200 professionals, dedicated to ensuring the success of a global stable of vendors, channel partners, and end users. George provides training, education, and mentorship to an ever-growing base of more than 40,000 business owners, sales leaders, and sales professionals who make up Vendasta's channel partner community. Vendasta's vendor and partner network provides digital solutions in 10 languages to four million businesses worldwide.

George's track record of success in technology, media, channel sales models, and marketing spans 35 years. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences and seminars around the world. He also founded and launched the Conquer Local podcast to educate business professionals on sales, digital marketing, and local business success. The podcast has since expanded into an online community, think tank, training academy, and marquee event.

George helps businesses transform their operations, finance, sales, and marketing to meet complex customer needs. He believes servant leadership and coaching frameworks are the best ways to motivate and improve performance for the organizations with whom he works.