Digital Transformation

Speaker Profile

Rick Beckers

CEO, XaaS1

With more than 40 years of hands-on industry experience, Rick Beckers is an expert in all things related to business automation. He's spent years managing a variety of technology solutions, including designing, installing, and supporting the offering long after the sale.

Thanks to Rick's breadth and depth of knowledge, XaaS1 has become the leading technology-as-a-service provider across the US for vendors, agents, and their corporate customers.

And now things have evolved so that it is all available "As-a-Service." On January 1, 2019 he launched a revolutionary company, XaaS1, that provides all things "Technology-as-a-Service. It's a new Industry 4.0 era of digital transformation and I'm out in front riding the wave!

His specialties include but are not limited to: Cloud & Traditional Computer networking (LAN, WAN, & Wireless), Telecommunications, Analog & VoIP Telephony, Analog & IP Video Surveillance, Internet-of-Things, Technology-as-a-Service, & Outsourced CIO.