Speaker Profile

Doug Green

Editor and Publisher of TR Publications

Having recorded over 2,000 podcasts on UC, Doug is one of the most prolific podcasters and content creators in UC and IT. Doug has been reporting, writing, observing and speaking on UC since 1989. Today, Doug is editor and publisher of TR Publications, a family of over ten daily and weekly ebulletins that reach MSPs, channel partners, telecom resellers, and the enterprise end users. Doug is particularly interested in the way inventions become markets, the nexus between technology and economics, and between the technology of everything and the economics of everything. Recently, he launched a new magazine on sleep health, a major issue impacting the telecom community: we are the most sleep deprived of all occupations. Doug is an active member of several industry related associations and serves as a telecommunications commissioner in Clark County, Washington, where he and his wife, Barbara Green reside in Vancouver, WA near Portland OR. University of Oregon '86. Go Ducks! Go Blazers! Go Maple Leaves!