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Gene Theslof

Chairman & CEO, My Health Connection, Inc

Theslof is the founder of My Health Connection, Inc. (MHC), a global telehealth services provider. Theslof previously built and sold the nation’s first large telehealth company and sold it to Stryker, now Stryker Communications, currently a $400M business. Mr. Theslof is one of the fathers of telehealth having built a national hospital network prior to the Internet’s existence. Mr. Theslof built an integrated set of SMARTCOM Telehealth Platforms for MHC that are being used by hospitals, practices and health care companies today. Theslof included eight modules to the HIPAA complaint Platform including a multiplicity of remote patient monitoring tools and portals including a game changing noninvasive FDA and CE approved cardiovascular monitor known as, MyNICaS. This portable device tests a patient’s hemodynamics and provides17 actionable data items to physicians enabling them to titrate the patient wherever they may be. Using this portable device has dramatically cut readmissions for skilled nursing facilities and HCAs. MHC currently has systems in 23 states. MHC's tools enable any participating medical provider to treat their patients in place (for example at home or in a skilled nursing facility ) without admitting them back into emergency rooms or hospitals