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Mike Evans

Founder of Box Line Box, Inc.

Mike is the founder of Box Line Box, Inc., he brings his expertise in telecommunications, healthcare information technology, medical imaging systems, and integration to the stage.

Michael has spent over 20 years dedicating himself to enhancing the world of medical education with technology. He is a pioneer in the development of the integrated operating room. He was a co-foundeder of InfoMedix Communications Corporation, which was acquired by Stryker Corporation (NYSE: SYK) in 1999 and is now the Stryker Communications Division.

After working with Stryker for several years Mike founded Box Line Box, Inc. to continue pushing the boundaries of live surgery as it is applied to medical education.

He is an expert in clinical telecommunications and telemedicine with experience in remote locations and disaster zones. He brought the first-ever live surgeries from a forward operating hospital in Afghanistan as well as the rural countryside of Haiti.