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Michelle Hyde
Hyde Group

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Michelle Hyde, president and founder of Hyde Group, has been serving Pacific Northwest enterprises with excellence for more than 20 years as a trusted advisor to implement the right technologies to overcome critical business challenges. Hyde Group has a passion for finding solutions to client challenges during their digital transformation through teamwork and enablement of scalable solutions in cloud, SaaS and emerging technologies.

Speaker Events

Immediately after the panel  Making Rain in the Next Normal, you can meet Mike, Dave, Michelle and Frank for an open discussion and a deeper dive into the topics they discussed.  If you haven't registered for the panel on Wednesday May 12 from 10:00-10:45 AM ET, sign up here:  Sign up for the panel or feel free to come to the Meet the Experts lounge if you can't join the session.

2021-05-12 Network & Connect

A year ago, we were introduced to the "Rainmakers" who shared with us their secrets for sales success in the channel. A year later, and now everything about how we engage with our marketplace has changed. See how this change impacts the way we find customers, form relationships, and interact with those we do business with. What do the Rainmakers think a year later? Mike Schmidtmann, CEO of Trans4Mers, leads an interesting panel discussion designed to help us "make rain" in the next normal as we navigate our new work environments, customer experiences and changing buying journeys. Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner Portals?Visit Convey Services »

2021-05-12 Business Growth