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Terry Hedden
Founder & CEO

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Terry Hedden is the founder and CEO of Marketopia, a world-class marketing, lead generation and sales enablement solutions to help companies in the IT channel find success. Marketopia has grown from 0 to 130 professionals in 6.5 years and has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing privately held firms in the USA three times according to Inc. Magazine ranking #232 at 2,040% 3-year growth rate. Prior to Marketopia, Terry founded Infinity Technology Solutions, a leading IT service provider with operations throughout Florida and Georgia selling the company in 2012 to Zeno Office Solutions.

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A year ago businesses went into crisis mode as we locked down and quarantined with what nobody could have predicted as a long-term business shift to a mostly virtual environment. The managed services provider needed to implement new sales and marketing strategies to keep business on track during 2020, but what lessons did we learn that worked well for the MSP to keep their business not only on track, but growing and thriving in the "next business normal".Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner Portals?Visit Convey Services »

2021-05-12 Business Growth