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Angela Leavitt
Mojo Marketing
Founder & CEO

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An accomplished entrepreneur and speaker, Angela founded Mojo Marketing in 2010 and has been a regular presenter at ITExpo, COMPTEL, Channel Partners, and Cloud Partners conferences. Mojo Marketing has helped more than 200 telecom, IT and cloud companies create and execute effective marketing strategies.

Speaker Events

The last year injected a high level of unpredictability into our business world as we've had to navigate lock downs, the pivot to digital, and uncertainty about the health of our customer base. But what if we could bring predictability back into your business to create a growing revenue stream that you could count on? Join Angela Leavitt from Mojo Marketing as she unlocks the secrets to using measurable benchmarks to create a growing revenue stream you can count on. As an added bonus, Mojo Marketing is offering attendees at Cloud Conventions 2021 a free assessment of their digital presence on the internet.Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner Portals?Visit Convey Services »

2021-05-12 Business Growth