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Andrew Pryfogle
CX Effect
Founder & CEO

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CX Effect is purpose built to help partners build full-stack CX solutions for their medium enterprise customers. As a turn-key integrator, CX Effect brings deep expertise from pre-sales engineering all the way through fully integrated, implemented and supported solutions.

Speaker Events

Immediately following the panel "Digital Transformation and the Future of Customer Experience," you can meet Mike, Andrew, Aakash, Matt, and Pete for an open discussion and a deeper dive into the topics they discussed. If you haven't registered for the panel on Wednesday May 12th from 4:00-4:45pm ET, sign up here: Sign up for the panel or feel free to come to the Meet the Experts lounge if you can't join the session. 

2021-05-12 Network & Connect

Enterprises globally are advancing Digital Transformation (DX) programs at an accelerating pace.  A combination of factors including pandemic related drivers and the advancement of applications in new areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and Business Process Outsourcing are quickly building upon the foundation that was laid by technologies such as UCaaS & CCaaS.  In this panel, you'll hear from experts on the following topics:Top drivers and outcomes of Digital Transformation programs in the enterpriseHow emerging technologies are expected to redefine Customer Experience & take it to a new levelWhy Digital Transformation & Customer Experience initiatives are changing the conversations partners are having with clientsHow...

2021-05-12 Digital Transformation