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Bruce Ahern
Convey Holdings

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Bruce Ahern is an experienced marketing professional, focusing on high-level communication strategy, sales implementation and positioning for acquisition. Ahern's experience includes the management of investor relations, M&A and corporate information programs designed to strengthen a company's perceived value and market reach.Ahern is a respected author and publisher. He built a family of technical publications and is a frequently quoted speaker, commentator and industry analyst.

Speaker Events

Professional services organizations are traditionally an office-bound workforce, but in 2020 they had to go against tradition and field a virtual workforce. Lockdowns restricted staff to their homes, slowed down client projects and impacted billable work. Economic uncertainty impacted client budgets leading to the need for cost and operational efficiencies. Join our expert panel from the accounting, legal and insurance industries to navigate how changes they were forced to make in 2020 are impacting their workforce strategy for 2021.

2021-05-13 The Marketplace