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Jim Gossett

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While other comedians recycle "stock" jokes, Jim takes his inspiration from the events of the day, adds his special brand of magic, and delivers a performance so up-to-the-minute, it's no wonder his material often appears in the monologues of The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman. Jim's unique perspective on the news will captivate you!

Speaker Events

Need a break, a laugh, and to have a little fun? It's comedy night at Cloud Conventions 2021, hosted by the channel's very own master agent, Bill Patchett from P2 Business Services. Join Bill and friends along with Atlanta comedian Jim Gossett as they give you their own special spin on "Navigating the Next Normal", then be ready to share your funny stories, or even your own mini-standup routine.

2021-05-13 Network & Connect