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Gary Yates
Hickey & Associates

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Gary Yates is a Principal in Hickey & Associations, a global leader in site selection, location strategy, credits & incentives advisory, and labor analytics with active projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. HICKEY assists businesses with the critical data capture and strategic vision to navigate a global real estate footprint. Gary is a highly accomplished and enterprising location selection executive and has both domestic and international experience in project management, sales, analysis, and strategy. In his position at HICKEY, Gary ensures that his clients have optimal geographic locations for their businesses across varied industries, with focus on workforce issues and demographic trends.

Speaker Events

Most businesses had to make the hard pivot to a virtual work environment as states imposed regulations and lockdowns during the Pandemic of 2020. Now that the workforce is getting vaccinated, companies are thinking about how to manage their workforce and office strategies. Ronnie Cannon, Managing Director of the William Leonard Company, leads a commercial real estate team focused on high technology clients. Join Ronnie and his panel for a discussion on what companies are likely to do as they return to the office. Ronnie explores the migration plans of companies to regional offices, what industry segments are likely to come back to the office or stay virtual, and what you should know about the return to the office.

2021-05-12 The Marketplace