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Ryan Crandall
Director of IoT & Mobile Solutions

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Ryan Crandall directs the IoT and Mobile Solutions for MetTel, a leading provider of customized, integrated and managed communications solutions for enterprise customers. MetTel offers IoT [Internet of Things] fleet management technology to help customers automate their fleets for greater efficiency, insight and control. In addition to developing the transportation and logistics industry and offerings for MetTel, Ryan has also served as the VP of Sales for North America for Retriever Communications, a provider of field service management software, Director of Sales for LoJack Corporation an

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The growth in the transportation and logistics industry has never been stronger as in the past year. As we stayed home and locked down, businesses and consumers moved to an online economy ordering everything from groceries to building supplies that needed to be shipped and delivered. With the explosion in demand, technology became the driver to increase efficiency and enable the industry to keep goods moving and deliveries on target. Join our panel to discover the technology strategies that evolved and accelerated during the pandemic that have now become the "next normal" in the transportation and logistics industry. Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events? Visit Cloud Conventions » ...

2021-05-14 The Marketplace