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Matt Milliron
Dobson Fiber
Chief Revenue Officer

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Matt serves as Chief Revenue Officer for Dobson Fiber. He is responsible for the overall leadership of the sales organization including direct sales, indirect sales and wholesale. Matt has extensive executive sales management experience within the telecommunications industry developing high-impact sales distribution models. In his most recent position before joining Dobson, he was responsible for strategic channels nationally for Windstream. Before Windstream, he served as Chief Revenue Officer at Ntegrated Communications, and prior to that, he was Executive Vice President of Sales at Alpheus Communications.

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For years, organizations have wanted to accelerate their route to the marketplace through both a direct and channel sales effort. But inevitably that route has been paved with potholes when competing interests, channel conflict and confusion makes it difficult to get the result needed from both sales organizations. Cardi Prinzihas helped organizations navigate through the obstacles in the way of achieving channel harmony as a sales leader for large organizations like Telstra, Pacnet and Earthlink Business. Join Cardi and his panel of experts as they deep dive into how to achieve "channel harmony" with a direct and channel sales team.Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner Portals?Visit...

2021-05-14 Business Growth