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Melissa Daly
Katalyst Network Group
Career Development Manager

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Melissa Daly is Career Development Manager at Katalyst Network Group, a boutique IT engineering and professional services organization based in the Carolinas. Melissa focuses on hiring, developing, and retaining great sales and technical talent. She targets game-changing talent in other industries, then puts them on a success track for top achievement in the technology sales world. Prior to Katalyst, Melissa spent four years working in Internal Talent Acquisition for Randstadt, the World's largest HR Services Provider. In her free time, Melissa enjoys getting outdoors, reading, and traveling.

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Over the past year, we've seen the need to redefine our selling processes to compensate for our inability to meet face to face with high-value prospects. Sales organizations had to do a hard pivot to adjust to this all-digital selling environment, but now that we've had a year to see how it worked, it's time to take the lessons we have learned and apply them to a "makeover" of how our sales organizations function. Join the conversation to learn how sales organizations and implementing lower cost sales roles that help drive market awareness, generate and manage leads, or handle sales operations tasks to empower their high performers to accelerate revenue.Interested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner...

2021-05-13 Business Growth