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Doug Green
TR Publications
Editor and Publisher

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Having recorded over 2,000 podcasts on UC, Doug is one of the most prolific podcasters and content creators in UC and IT. Doug has been reporting, writing, observing and speaking on UC since 1989. Today, Doug is editor and publisher of TR Publications, a family of over ten daily and weekly ebulletins that reach MSPs, channel partners, telecom resellers, and the enterprise end users. Doug is particularly interested in the way inventions become markets, the nexus between technology and economics, and between the technology of everything and the economics of everything. Recently, he launched a new magazine on sleep health, a major issue impacting the telecom community: we are the most sleep deprived of all occupations. Doug is an active member of several industry related associations and serves as a telecommunications commissioner in Clark County, Washington, where he and his wife, Barbara Green reside in Vancouver, WA near Portland OR. University of Oregon '86. Go Ducks! Go Blazers! Go Maple Leaves!

Speaker Events

Sometimes change comes slowly and we hardly notice it. But other times, change happens quickly, the impact is felt immediately, and the effects are long-lasting. Join Doug Green and his guests as they walk through how technology changes we embraced during the pandemic will affect how we live and work forever. In the words of REM, "It's The End Of The World As We Know It, (And I Feel Fine...")

2021-05-14 Network & Connect

Few believe that the workplace of the future will ever return to a pre-pandemic, primarily officed-based workforce. That means we've had to adjust long term to video calls and remote working, which comes with challenges. Zoom surfaced as the darling of the Pandemic, but are we missing a hidden gem inside of Microsoft Teams? There is a reason that Teams has become the fastest growing application inside the 365 Office suite for that remote or hybrid team that needs to go above and beyond a video call. Join Doug Green and his guests to answer the question, "Is it time to team with Teams?" Cloud Conventions 2021 will open its 2nd annual virtual conference and tradeshow on May 12-14 offering a unique experience for channel professionals in the telecom/cloud, hosted voice, connectivity, IT and...

2021-05-13 Network & Connect

Imagine being transported back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and how small and vulnerable you might feel. Although we may not think about it the same way, all of us are now living in the land of giants as we watch companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft lumber around the market, gobble up smaller players and become giants dominating the landscape. How can channel partners live in the land of these giants and protect themselves when these giants change strategies, their viewpoint on the channel or eliminate services. Gain perspective from Doug Green and his guests as they help you consider how to survive, capitalize on change and thrive in the "Land of Giants."

2021-05-12 Network & Connect