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Helane Cohen
US OCP Partner to Partner (P2P) Program & Strategy Lead

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Helane Cohen enables partners to build and expand their businesses by utilizing modern marketing techniques and joining forces with Microsoft and other partners. She manages a program to help partners understand and build out a P2P strategy to increase visibility for their solutions, drive revenue and solve customer business needs.

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Immediately following the session "How to Build a Million Dollar Microsoft Business in 12 Months," you can meet Sherman for an open discussion and a deeper dive into the topics he discussed. If you haven't registered for the panel on Thursday May 13th from 4:30-5:00pm ET, sign up here: Sign up for the session or feel free to come to the Meet the Experts lounge even if you can't attend the session. 

2021-05-13 Network & Connect

Microsoft brings great products, support and marketing development funds to the table, but it's up to the MSP to create a strategy to capitalize on those resources to build their business. Join Sherman Crancer from the Crancer Group and Helane Cohen from Microsoft to learn the secrets of how to leverage the Microsoft relationship, bring focus to the MSP practice and get on a path to build a million dollar business in only a yearInterested in learning more about Cloud Conventions Virtual Events?Visit Cloud Conventions »Want to learn about Convey Services Partner Portals?Visit Convey Services »

2021-05-13 Business Growth